Our Products

Meet Our Entourage

Our doctor formulated skincare products combine premium quality CBD with active botanicals and essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, to bring science backed rejuvenation to your skin. We sustainably source the finest ingredients in the world to ensure everything being absorbed by your body is in the most concentrated and purest form, and we never use anything synthetic or artificial. By pairing these synergistic elements, the effects of each are enhanced to reveal more powerfully balanced skin and restored natural vitality.

Our Commitment

Giving Back Feels Good

Our clean commitment extends beyond beauty. We not only set a high standard for our products, but for our sustainability efforts too. Because we use recycled materials for our packaging, we encourage our customers to keep the loop closed by continuing the cycle. We work with local Hotel, Spa and retail partners that are chosen based on their sustainable business practices and contribution to their communities. And, we are committed to ensuring our beautiful world remains as it is with a portion of our profits going directly to environmental, ocean, and reef conservation.

Our Founder

Harmonizing People Planet

Halcyon Botanics was born out of the need for exceptional, sustainable CBD-driven products to balance and nourish the body from the outside in and inside out.

We combined the rigors of science and the wisdom of nature to promote homeostasis and harmony for wellness beyond beauty. 

Our cofounder is a pioneering avant-garde wellness connoisseur dedicated to elevating the human condition and collective consciousness of this planet. He works and studies with doctors, masters and experts from around the world to inspire enlightened truth and the secrets of wellbeing. 10% of online sales goes towards serving people and planet.