Today, in our always connected world, there is a deeper need than ever to restore ritual and beauty to our lives. As a doctor, and former nutraceutical researcher, I’ve taken a deep dive into the new science of CBD. A potent adaptogen, CBD balances the endocannabinoid system, increasing our capacity for rejuvenation and rest. The result is a balanced mind, body, and spirit, and at a cellular level, health and balanced function. Halcyon Botanics was created to enhance these elements and elevate your self-care ritual. The most important element of bringing our products to life was finding the right partners who share my values of purity and quality.

Our products only use clean, sustainably sourced ingredients like organic broad-spectrum CBD, luxurious Rose Hip Oil, nourishing Abyssinian Oil, and more, to create doctor-formulated blends that are luxurious to use and deliver powerful effects you’ll feel and see. Our company is not only committed to making quality products, we are committed to upholding a high standard for sustainable business practices and ethics. We only work with partners who are committed to giving back to their communities, and a portion of our profits go directly to supporting reef and marine conservation efforts. And of course, we use recycled materials and hope you will continue the loop by recycling our packaging. I care deeply about the products that I use on my body, and ultimately I created my own luxury CBD skincare that I was seeking for myself. I know Halcyon Botanics will make you feel beautiful, for there is nothing more beautiful than the radiance of wellness. – Dr. Erica