Those Halcyon Days

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of summer!

This year, in particular, brings a bitter sweetness with the season change. I feel nostalgic for that back-to-school energy – shopping for new clothes, reconnecting with friends and trading tales of summer travels to lakes and beaches and mountains.

I feel nostalgic for the butterflies-in-the-stomach anticipation of a new classroom, new teacher, and new kids. This year, I feel the particular stress and anxiety of the parents and kids around me, who still do not know where and how they will learn this year! So much stress for so many families! Talk about a great time for the calming, grounding effects of CBD!

This year, the approaching end of summer feels especially premature in that we lost springtime to COVID-19. This spring, while we were inside, mother nature bloomed.  And as we slowly came out and began to re-open own lives, the energy of summer felt especially welcomed. Albeit, most of us didn’t travel very far this summer, but I hope you found a sense of summer vacation freedom somewhere!

We found ourselves recharging our batteries close to home - surfing, sailing, and swimming in the southern California Pacific, and feeling gratitude to live and work in such a beautiful place. 

Summer evokes all of our favorite ways to be well. Being outside in the sun, slipping in and out of pools, oceans, lakes. Staying up late, laughing with friends in the candlelight. Travel and adventure. There is an energy of freedom and levity that comes with summer – those Halcyon days…which is very much intentional in our name.  

That Halcyon state of peace and calm, pleasant-ness and happiness. We seek to inspire it, cultivate it, propagate those summer vibes of wellness and freedom. We want everyone to feel that vibrant vitality and joy of the perfect summer day, and to store those happy memories, deeply and richly.

It is not coincidental that the endocannabinoid system plays a major role in the feelings and experience of bliss; the joys of summer exemplify some of the ways we enrich this system beyond using CBD.

So we raise our mocktail to you, dear ones, and wish you an excellent end of your summer. May you savor it, and may the memories of your own Halcyon days keep you vibrant when the moments get dark.