The Importance of Immunity

The Importance of Immunity: No One Is Immune

Taking care of our immune health is top of mind for most these days and so we asked Dr. Erica about how to best approach an immune wellness plan. Immune wellness should take advantage of a multifactorial approach.


Dr. Erica Gives Us The Immune Boosting Breakdown 

Firstly, everyone should be minimizing the challenges to their immune systems. This means following the public health recommendations of staying home and limiting possible exposure to Covid-19. Minimizing challenges to the immune system should also include some dietary modifications, namely, limiting sugar. Too much sugar, or hyperglycemia, has a direct effect on the immune system, inhibiting a healthy response to infections. In fact, studies have shown that critically ill patients in the hospital contract fewer infections when their blood sugar is under better control[1]. So do your immune system a favor, and limit your sugar intake!

CBD For Immune Health – Separating Science From Myth

The next phase of immune wellness involves tonics and nutrients that will strengthen immune function. There are a lot of anecdotal and marketing claims to this effect, but what is the actual science?

Facing Facts 

There just aren't enough studies out there to draw any real conclusions tying CBD to direct antiviral effects in humans (the existing body of research body is just too sparse) [2]. 

What We Do Know

The most well-known mechanisms of action of CBD largely occur by binding to endocannabinoid receptors (CB2) in the immune system. Through this action, CBD modulates immune cells. In fact, it's important to note that the endocannabinoid system has been measured in every type of white blood cell.[3] As such, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, dampening pro-inflammatory cytokines3. This has the effect of calming down over-reactive immune responses.

The best data actually supports the powerful role other hemp terpenes play in immune wellness. Broad spectrum CBD retains these helpful synergistic terpenes while an isolate does not. Many terpenes have anti-inflammatory and respiratory protective effects[4], which is why we choose broad spectrum CBD for Halcyon Botanics products. Other examples of terpene botanical sources include eucalyptus, lemons, and pine trees.

Get Started

Taking care of your immune wellness is key to staying healthy and what better time to make it a priority. 

We hope this look at the science with Dr. Erica has answered some of your questions about CBD and immune health! Until next time, be well!



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