How to Keep Your Skin in Balance - All Year Round

Winter well-being tips, right this way. 

Winter, especially during the holidays, can be wonderful for our spirits, but not always for our skin. Getting on planes, trains, and in cars to travel through various climates to see family and friends can put a strain on our natural defenses. Not to mention the dehydration (yikes!).

To help keep up, you'll need some self-care rituals on the go. Our founder shares a few of her tips for keeping calm during the chaos:

      1. Strengthen your immune system. It should go without saying but always, always wash your hands, especially while traveling. And if you're sick, stay home! Take some "You-Time" to Netflix and chill while resting your immune system. Eat lots of fruits and veggies as a pregame to rich holiday meals, and add an extra dose of protective Vitamin C for good measure. Pre-clinical data suggests CBD plays a role in keeping our endocannabinoid system in balance, which plays a big role in regulating our immune system. We use a half dropper of our Oil Tincture every morning before drinking a small mug of hot water with fresh lemon juice. 

     2. Hydrate, inside and out. The combination of cold temperatures and indoor heating, which removes most humidity from the air, can be extremely dehydrating on the skin. Drink plenty of water (herbal tea is an equally effective option.) Apply lotion daily to the skin to rehydrate, and seal in moisture with a layer of Ritual Oil. It can also be applied to the ends of your hair to create shinier, more hydrated locks. 

     3. Celebrate and express gratitude. Wherever your traditions lie, coming together with friends and family feeds the spirit and nourishes the soul. However, this doesn't come without tense moments, and when these happen, take a moment for yourself. Gift yourself a few moments of fresh air, a few drops of calming Oil Tincture and make a conscious decision to feeling blessed and not stressed.