Discover Your Next Beauty Must Have - Ritual Oil

In moments of stress and turmoil (or boredom!) one of the ways to make the mundane something special is to bring some ceremony to the moment.

How do we do that? With intention and ritual.

Here are a few ways we use Ritual Oil to elevate our experience and give ourselves permission to indulge in the luxury of well-being.

Serum Super Booster – We love to massage a little Ritual Oil into the corners of our eyes and along the top upper lip. Use a feather-light touch to immediately soften fine lines and allow the oil to absorb naturally. Beyond the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) specifically, hemp seed oil has a beneficial ratio of omega 3s to omega 6s that optimizes moisture retention in the skin and reduces redness[1]. The Ritual Oil combines well with other serums, delivering that extra nourishment where your skin needs it most.

Hair Rejuvenation – Dry, dull hair loves nothing better than nourishing oils. Often, hair oil gets cut out of our self-care rituals because we can’t allow ourselves the time to let it fully penetrate before we have to style and go. Now is a perfect time to give your hair the nourishment it needs – soothe the oil into the ends, and reapply every hour or so as it sinks in to let the CBD and synergistic botanicals revive stressed locks. For even greater results, comb the oil through your hair, tie it up and apply a heat source for 30-60 minutes, this will allow for the most powerful treatment.

Massage Oilsocial distancing doesn’t mean you can’t massage yourself, or your quarantine pals! The Ritual Oil is potent – (too much screen time?) you can apply and massage it directly onto a tight neck. Or you can dilute it in a body/massage oil like jojoba or almond seed and use it on the whole body. With essential oils of ylang ylang, bergamot, cedarwood, and vetiver, the fragrance is warm and fresh without being overpowering and smells great on a man or a woman.

Love Lube – Calling all ladies! All types of self-care are important, and all don’t require a partner. Our Ritual Oil works as a clean and organic substitute for any lubricant. Besides being a much healthier alternative – you also reap the amazing skin rejuvenation benefits for women of all ages! It's important to take care of our all our skin, especially our more delicate and private areas as skin rejuvenation and anti-aging prevention does not discriminate. 


[1] Am J Clin Nutr. 2000 Jan;71{1 Suppl):361S-6S.